About Me


It’s … here and welcome to my world where you can read or learn something useful about automotive. It’s maybe the latest news, tips or tricks, some of my experience in driving, maintenance, so forth and so on updated gradually in each particular option so that you can follow easily as well as share yours to us.

Here are some small facts in case you want to know more about me:

  • My full name is Carmelo C.Henry
  • I was born in Miami
  • I have driven the car since I was and up to now, I have got 5 years experience
  • I love driving, reading about automotive, traveling by my car. It makes me feel free.

Why I started this blog

It derived from very simple reason. As with my … years in driving, I have experienced a lot of cases and known how to deal with them, for example when my car was broken down, what to do when the tires were flatted, etc. Yet I know that with a newbie, it is not easy at all as you don’t have much experience. From that point, after a long time for consideration, I decided to start this site where I could share my experience to all of you. The second reason is to exchange experience or knowledge together. So, if you have some great tips about the car, please feel free to share to us. I and surely the other car drivers will appreciate that very much.

Finally, thanks for your support.