Steps To Repack Your Trailer Wheel Bearings

Most people usually get into the troubles with the trailer wheel bearing. And, in these situations, they do not how to deal with the troubles. Almost all people think about finding the help of the expert mechanic and they have to spend a great deal of money for repairing fee. However, with several basic steps, you can completely do a good job to repack your trailer wheel bearing.


Step 1:

Before starting this project, you should refer the manual services of the trailer or at least you can contact the manufacturers to know more about your trailer wheel to make for sure that you have a deeper understanding of its operation exactly.

If you do not have any information related, your axle may be subject to the excessive wear and the wheels can be overheated or fallen off when you torque too much or too little. To be honest, you should take a look at the way to torque your trailer wheels before carrying out the next steps.

Step 2:

In this step, you will take the use of the trailer wheel chocks to look all the tires on your opposite side where you are working at. After this activity, you should put the wheel jack in the right position and lift the trailer wheels. You should spend a little time to wait for it off the ground before setting your parts. Next, you must clean the materials to continue your progress.

Step 3:

After removing the wheels, you also need to remove the wheel hub’s dust cap by taking the advantage of the hammer or the chisel. Then, you have to place it on the hub contact with the six sided castellated nut. If possible, you can unscrew the nubby eliminating the castellated tabs which keep it in the right position.


Step 4:

You need to take this chance to check on your trailer brakes as well as the axle spindle by seeking the excess tear and wear. In the 4th step, it is very important for you to grasp the wheel and spin it to the outer bearing. This activity will provide you the favorable condition to remove the hub and wheel easily from the trailer axle spindle.

Step 5:

When cleaning, let roll the bearing and inspect the surfaces carefully to eliminate any damage. If it is necessary, you can replace it by the new one. To have a good preparation, you should go to the trailer supply stores directly to ask for the perfect match. But you need to cleanse the hub by utilizing the paper towels.


Step 6:

This step plays a very important role because you are required to remove the old grease. If you do not remove this thing, it can have adverse effects on the operation of your trailer wheel.

Step 7:

To carry out this step, you should grab a grease gun and wear your gloves to pack the new temperature grease into your hub. Then, you need to place it around the roller. You also can use the bearing packer tool to set the hub down and add the extra grease into the axle spindle.

Wish that this sharing can provide you enough information and knowledge to repack your trailer wheel in the right way. After these steps, you just need to turn the wheel over and make an adjustment for your wheel brakes to complete this simple progress

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