Tips On Changing The Serpentine Belt

It is really a hard challenge for people to change the serpentine belt. Most people think that to do this job, they will need the help of the professional mechanic; however, in fact, all people can have enough ability to alter the serpentine belt. But, there are a few things that they need to take care of to enhance their performance. Today, we will provide you some tips on changing the serpentine belt in more details.


In this day and time, almost the entire modern car no longer takes the use of the old-fashioned belt such as the V-belts. They always take the advantage of the new style which is known as the serpentine belts. This style can bring various benefits for the car owners. It is frank to say that this is a kind of the single belt which has the ability to wind its ways throughout a pulleys’ forest. With this type of the belt, the driver can move with every single engine accessory simultaneously.

The single belt is not very wide as the old design which is about 3 or 4 inches. This single belt is installed by the spring loaded tensioner pulley which is responsible for keeping a constant preload in their belt. In addition, it enables to eliminate the demand on adjusting the tension. Additionally, the serpentine belt has the failure modes which can provide you a huge number of different warnings before the bad noise.

Besides, it can express the damage to the cords or ribs, so you can see them easily. However, it is very important for you to prepare a flashlight as well as the dental mirror to see the cracking or the fraying. Furthermore, the belt routing placard is placed under the hood. If your car has been painted or had the bodywork, the placard has been covered.

Apart from above characteristics, the serpentine belt has reinstalled the belt and installs a new tensioner. Moreover, they also keep the tensioner slack with only one hand when they start to thread the final pulley. When the belt is located in the right place, you will begin with the engine and waste for a few minutes. It is necessary for the car owners to inspect the belt tension by taking a look at the tensioner arm. Also, they need to check the mark cast which is into the tensioner body, because it may fall between the low marks and the high marks, in the case of the right part number for the belt.


Generally speaking, all car owners are familiar with the serpentine belt. In fact, changing this part is just a piece of cake. All that you have to do is to try to follow the instruction of the manufacturers or ask for the help of other people. Besides, you also can find out the information about altering the serpentine belt on the internet. You should focus on the task and check your work after completing all necessary steps to make for sure that there is no potential problem.

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